A Touching Testimonial from Ben Cathey.

Books4Buddies has made gigantic strides in just a few short years. I'm looking forward to seeing real impacts and progress in the literacy of Toledoans in the coming decade, as the recipients of free books come of age.


B4B doesn't just help kids in need of their first books. They also provide hope for the MENtors, add tangible meaning for donors, and show the ambassadors a new side of their city.

The MENtors and board members get a great experience of helping both ambassadors and local children. Whether it's a summer cookout at the Birmingham Terrace, or watching future leaders bond with foreign exchange students, it's a low-cost, high-reward experience for the 'adults' of Book4Buddies.


Donors can't always see a true impact on their dollars. But giving to Books4Buddies is different; you see the pipeline of where your money goes, and even small donations multiply their effectiveness time and time again.

The biggest change is often in the ambassadors. Those high schoolers willing to give their time and hearts learn about impoverished parts of Toledo they may have only seen in the news. They don't just get a line on their resume' or college application. These teens get real-world media experience, business connections for life, and an appreciation of what they have.


- Ben Cathey

Former Books4Buddies, board member
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