UT students donate to Books 4 Buddies.

"In my honors class we are doing a project that is aimed at helping the area with its child literacy problem. The group most affected by this seems to be kindergartners, plus it is important for kids that age to read due to the developmental benefits doing so provides. Because of this my group has decided to collect children's books from the community, and have so far gathered around 70 or so books. Most of them are for kindergarten age, but some are definitely higher level. So the point of this email is to ask: Can we donate these books to you to hand out to children? We are also going to include flyers with each book- aimed at the parents- that talk about the importance of reading to your children. It doesn't really matter exactly how this is done, you can either just give them away, or set up an event, we would just like to be able to provide the books to the community. Thank you in advance!"

- Ben Houston